Landscaping Services
for State College, PA, and Bellefonte, PA

EcoLawn Inc. Takes Pride in Maintaining Your Property’s Landscape

When you need landscaping services for State College, PA, and Bellefonte, PA and beyond, choose EcoLawn Inc. Our lawns, trees, and shrubs are a valuable part of our property. These are great for creating a welcoming environment. No matter if you own a business or want to make your home look better, landscaping makes a difference. When they are taken care of the right way, they can help add value to your property.
Let our landscaping company help you keep your lawn and shrubs looking great. EcoLawn Inc. has the tools, skills, and expertise to help make your landscape stand out. No matter how big or small your property is, let us help you cross this chore of your to do list. Call us today at (814) 237-5018 for an appointment and a free estimate or contact us by email at

Trust Us to Provide These Quality Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
  • Lawn Cutting
  • Mowing
  • Landscaping Edging and Mulching
  • Horticulture Pruning
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Organic Aeration
  • Spring and Fall Cleanup
  • Perennial Cleanup
  • Pre and Post Emergent Weed Control for Landscape Beds

Organic Aeration is a Great Addition to Any Maintenance Program

Our organic aeration provides a great addition to your lawn maintenance work. It helps loosen soil and allow for deep root growth. It helps improve soil fertility and efficiency. We use soil conditioners, root stimulants, thatch control and micronutrients to support growth.

Taking Care of Your Trees and Other Shrubs for Quality Landscaping

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program provides a soil drench fertilization adding to landscape beds. This will help maintain the right nutrient levels for improved flowering and healthy growth. Our landscapers do these treatments in the spring, summer and fall for your property. That can help your shrubs handle winter while promoting a great lifespan in the warmer months. Preventative maintenance can help you preserve your shrubs.
Our horticultural pruning lets us give individual attention to your tree branches. Some of the common problems that we take care of include overgrown trees and shrubs. Dead and damaged branches, along with overcrowding and unproductive growth and structure, are included. This ensures your trees and shrubs grow in the most healthy manner.

Quality Landscape Edging and Mulching

We can help with marking the edge between your State College, PA, lawn and your landscape bed. Our landscape edging and mulching comes with quality premium grade No. 1 mulch. It is aged, triple-ground, hardwood bark placed in your landscape beds and tree rings. This service helps to reduce the chance of weed growth, retain soil moisture and organic matter, prevent soil erosion, and stabilize your soil temperature.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed in and Around State College, PA

Our landscaping experts have the right equipment, training, and will be in uniform in and around State College, PA. Our crews will be prompt in completing your competitively priced services, and our office staff will provide accurate invoices with itemized details of the charges. Reach out to us for friendly, reliable service.

Rely on EcoLawn Inc. in State College, PA, and Bellefonte, PA for quality landscaping services.